Karen L. Garner

Small Business Owner, Mother, and Volunteer

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Over 25 years ago, John (my husband https://john-garner.me/) and I started taking Juice Plus+! We discovered it from a doctor who explained that JP+ was simply fruit and vegetable powders in a capsule!

I had just told John that “we’re not getting enough greens in our diet”. So we added JP+ to our lives to “bridge the gap” between what we were actually eating and what we should eat.

We also joined the business and helped several of John’s doctor clients provide JP+ to their patients. Plus, we inspired several friends to “eat” JP+!

Unfortunately, ”life happened” and we let our business go. However, we continued to eat JP+ knowing that the amazing research showed it positively impacted our bodies at the cellular level. Plus, JP+ helped us fight the chronic diseases of aging that folks our age were experiencing.

I recently retired and we moved to San Diego to be near our grandchildren. John had transitioned into health & wellness coaching. So we decided we would re-focus on our JP+ business again.

As a result, we flew to Atlanta in October, 2022, to participate in JP+’s international conference. There we reconnected with Kerry Daigle - our business partner over 15 years ago. Kerry and his wife, Mickey, have been with the Company over 33 years! We literally asked Kerry for the opportunity to join his weekly calls again.

Kerry offered to help us develop a team of people who want to join us in the mission of inspiring healthy living. In doing so, he is teaching us to build residual income!

I have my masters degree and worked in the financial services industry over 13 years - the last two at Merrill Lynch. I was excited about the opportunity to continue building our retirement portfolio via JP+!

John was a CPA, and later a business owner in the medical industry. He knows numbers and dollars. As a health & wellness coach the past few years, he also knows that fruits, vegetables and berries are crucial to the health of everyone.

So, the business model Kerry presented made sense to us!

With Kerry’s mentoring, we are excited to share not only the health benefits of eating Juice Plus+, but also looking for friends, new and old, to join us in developing residual income!

  • Education
    • University of Florida
    • Abilene Christian University